Analyser & Sampling Solutions

Do you have difficulties in getting a correct analysis of the process? Are you looking for a solid partner to engineer, construct and integrate the solution into your systems on site?

By having extensive knowledge from sample take-off, sample preparation, sample storage up to actual analyzer measurement we are able to provide you with a fit for purpose and trustworthy solution.

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  Analyser packages including Analyser Enclosures, Shelters & Houses and (ex-proof) HV/HVAC systems, safeguarding, process safety and process reliability, Analyser Management And Data Acquisition Systems (AMADAS)
  Sample Take-Off Probes and Assemblies
    Sample (Pre-) Conditioning Systems for gas and liquid
    The 360°KAS Pye Gas Sampler is especially designed to sample gas and to remove solids, water, and/or heavy oils from a complex, hot hydrocarbon vapor mixture or waste gas stream take off point.
  Our Sampling System for Mercury Analysis takes representative samples from high pressure gas lines for Mercury measurement by amalgamation on gold/platinum alloy in accordance with the ISO 6978-2:2003
  Sample Recovery Systems for vapor & gas (VGRS) and liquid (LRS)
    Product Sampling of oil, gas or condensate
    Basic Analyzer Systems Course
Enroll yourself for our 4 day program that covers the essentials to obtain a representative sample measurement.