Pilot Plants

Since 1980, 360°KAS has designed and fabricated bench-scale test units for research institutes and commercial organizations across the world. We have a clear focus on FCC Catalyst performance test units initially developed by Albemarle.


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  Resembling equilibrium catalyst (E-cat) at laboratory or pilot scale can be obtained with the 360°KAS Cyclic Deactivation (CD) unit. The way to reproduce all the fundamental phenomena that simulate the aging process in commercial Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) operation

    The short contact performance of real FCC operations can be evaluated with our Short Contact Time Riser Test
(SCT-RT) unit
    360°KAS has the experience and knowledge to design Custom Made Test Units for continuous, semi-continuous and batch, dedicated and multi-purpose, fixed/ fluidized bed, liquid, gas and multi-phase reactor applications