SmartLNG® Solutions

Are you involved in LNG custody transfer? Are you interested to learn how to settle this transaction in an accurate, reliable and durable way?

360°KAS is serving the LNG value chain with a number of smart solutions to sample LNG from the main transfer line.

We have a long track record in the development and design of Continuous and Intermittent LNG Sampling Systems since 1994. All systems are in compliance with the ISO 8943, the ISO 10715 and the guidelines stipulated in the GIIGNL.

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  Our automated Intermittent LNG Sampling Solution is based on the ISO 8943 (paragraph 4.3, fig. 3) and ISO 10715 requirements and reduces room for human errors to a minimum
  Our automated Continuous Water Seal (Dome) LNG sampling solution, based on the ISO 8943 (paragraph 4.2, fig. 1) and ISO 10715 requirements, eliminates sample contamination by ambient air via a closed tank construction
  Our automated Continuous Waterless (Membrane) LNG sampling solution is based on based the ISO 8943 (paragraph 4.2, fig. 2) and ISO 10715 requirements and collects high integrity samples for laboratory analysis
  The Intelligent Quality Reporting Module (iQRM) is the solution to automatically generate indisputable Certificates of Quality during LNG custody transfer
  With our Sample Take-Off Assembly (bypass loop) the LNG Sampling System can be isolated from the process ensuring safety and making maintenance easier and more cost effective
  Our standalone operating LNG Probe and Vaporizer system combination uses integrated controls and materials and has proven to be one of the most reliable in the market.